After 2 long years

It’s been two years since my last post. and I feel awful about that. I did get lost somewhere  and could absolutely find no time for my passion. Well, its never too late to get back to something you love to do and find great happiness in. What could be better than doing something you love to?

I’ve been overwhelmed with positive comments on my posts, which have in turn really motivated me to go ahead with blogging on a regular basis. Thank you everyone, I really appreciate your positive feedback. 🙂

Cheers! 🙂


Achieve the Queen Look!

So what if you have to wear the Hijab on for a function. So what If you can’t show your beautiful hair? You can still look way beautiful and adorn yourself with beautiful accessories on your Hijab. Most Hijabis feel demotivated and move slight off track when it comes to attending a function. Are you one among those who takes her Hijab off during functions just because you want to look as gorgeous as the others without Hijab? 

I that’s how you think and act, then that’s a completely wrong perspective. Don’t Hijabi girls look beautiful during functions? It’s just about dressing up appropriately, adorning yourself with the right accessories and there you go, you’ve got the Queen Look! 

Amena a social networking queen, a Hijabi, pretty much like a role model to me, motivated me to a great extent through her pictures, posts and tutorials. And, the fact that she looked extremely beautiful in the hijab whether it was about going out for a stroll or about attending a function. She simply knows how to wear the right stuff and add the best accessories onto her “perfect queen-look”.  

Here’s a set of Amena’s photos that could encourage you to still keep your hijab on no matter what the occasion maybe: 

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Shanakht: The story of a Hijabi girl

Image Source:

Image Source:

I always desired to watch a movie or a TV show that reflected my scenario. It was just couple of days back  until I discovered this one.  

Shanakht an Urdu word which means Identity, is a Pakistani Drama which revolves around a Hijabi girl named Qurratulain (Nicknamed Annie) who hails from a modern/liberal Muslim family. 

She is a devout and practicing Muslim often shown covering her head by the Hijab, as prescribed by her faith. She usually faces strong criticism and objections from her family members over her obsession about being a dutiful Muslim, especially from her liberal-thinking mother. 

Its a story of how she faces in numerous taunts from her own family, just because of the fact that she went against her family and started wearing the Hijab. 

They all asked me “WHY?”

It was a year back when I decided to start wearing the Hijab and followed my religion with all my heart. 

I come from a modern Muslim family, where Hijab is not practiced strictly. Something always pulled me towards the Hijab. Unfortunately, every time I tried to start wearing a Hijab, I wouldn’t continue wearing it for long. 

My mind always fluctuated for I lived in a family where no one practiced the Hijab. Every time I would try to be a hijabi, I would fail to do so. 

However, a year back I had made up my mind that it was either then or never. I excitedly went shopping and purchased an abaya with eagerness which soon shunned as my sister laughed at me and said “Its just a matter of few days that you’ll put this hijab on and soon you will get back to normal and won’t touch your hijab ever again.”

I wanted to prove my family wrong. Deep inside I knew what I wanted. I knew my choice of Hijab was to please my Lord. Thousands of questions hovered across my mind: “How am I going to face my college mates who have always seen me without the hijab?”, “What are they going to ask me?”, “How and what am I going to tell them?” 

I struggled through, battled it out and made myself understand that the reason I’m starting the Hijab is for my Lord and HE is the one who will give me the strength to face everyone and give an answer to everyone’s “WHY?”.

I finally wore the Hijab and decided to go to college irrespective of what people would say, what they would think and what they would ask me. I suddenly felt like I was strong enough to face people. I suddenly felt my Lord was with me at every step I took towards my college. 

There they were, some who failed to recognize me and some who greeted me with a warm welcome and said how much the Hijab suited me. Of course there were a million “WHYs” But eventually it all reduced. It was just a matter of one or two days that I had to face people’s questions, and after that it was all normal. 

And since then, I proved my family wrong. I proved  that I was capable of sticking to my words of being a Hijabi and so I was. 

The Hijab made me feel beautiful from inside and outside as well. Stepping out of the darkness of disbelief into the light of Islam, I had finally achieved peace. Even though I get the wide gamut of strange stares, points and comments, this covering makes me feel honored, safe and cherished. Nothing bothers me anymore as long as I know I’m on the right path. Nothing can pull me out of my strong love for Hijab. 

I’m sure there are many out there, who wish to start wearing the Hijab but are probably unable to, for whatsoever reason it may be. However, my dear non hijabis who wish to become hijabis, always remember, when you take a step forward in doing something for the sake of Allah, HE will be your strength at every step. Nothing should stop you or deviate you from the right track. 

Tame Your Hijab

Having a bad Hijab Day? 

These tips could help you get yourself out of this stressful moment:

Choose the right fabric:

If you’re a working woman and you’re racing against time early morning, its better to opt for a fabric that won’t easily slip off. Experimenting with satin, when you’re most at ease with cotton, may not be such a great idea, especially when you’re working against the clock.  Also, you’ll be better equipped to tame a fabric you’re more used to, should even that hijab decide to stray.

Practice the new style a night before:

If you wish to try out a new style of wearing the hijab, it’s better to try it out the previous night. Ensure that you practice it out a couple of times till you get your hands on it. As a result, the next morning, you won’t have a tough time putting your hijab on. 

Carry the right Hijab accessories along:

Sometimes, the hijab pin which you thought is intact, decides to pop itself out and go missing. Its always better to carry spare hijab pins along with you to fix your hijab right. 

What do you do when you have a bad hijab day? Share your ideas below in the comments box, to pass on the message to all our hijabi readers.

Bad Hijab Days by Ikhlas


When people ask me about wearing hijab and what it’s like, they often end off with saying, “Well at least you get to cover up your bad hair days.”

Well, let me tell you, I might be able to cover up bad hair days, but sometimes it’s even worse: bad hijab days!

So exactly does this phenomenon work exactly? It’s not like you’re dealing with real live (well dead) hair. It’s just fabric, right? What could possibly go wrong?

Fabric can be a little more pliable than hair, but sometimes I swear it has a life of it’s own. For example, I have used the same scarves countless times yet some days, it’s as if that particular scarf develops an attitude problem and refuses to be bent and twisted in certain ways. It lies limply on my head giving me the illusion of flat, small head. It’s the worst.

Other times, it’s as if I’m…

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Having a “Bad Hijab Day”?

Ever experienced those amazing days, when you wake up in the morning, look into the mirror and Thank God! you’re a Hijabi! At least you don’t have to worry about “Bad Hair Days.” But wait! That very day your Hijab decides to NOT listen to you! And in no time your so called amazing day turns out to be a disappointing one indeed. 

It’s either too loose that it can possibly open up while your munching onto something or its either too tight for you to open your mouth to hog onto something, making you re-open your Hijab and tying it all over again. Nevertheless, the next time Holla! A few hair strands decide to exhibit themselves in the most unique possible manner. Fine, you tuck it in, but the tucking-in could end up in your hijab disfiguring itself suddenly. Wondering what’s happening?

You are totally having a Bad Hijab Day!

Don’t worry! Your not alone. Every Hijabi has this so called Bad Hijab Day, and its the most annoying moment when you have to tie your scarf not once not twice, but more than ever.